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Spring is in the air!  This week I want to give you a quick tour of what we’re up to in our yard this time of year in Iowa.

First, snow glories!

It may be hard to tell from this picture, but the snow glories are starting to form a carpet of color on our lawn.  We have Zoysia grass in our yard, so getting a early color in the front is always welcome since the Zoysia doesn’t really start to green up until about the end of May.  I’m looking forward to when the snow glories fill in more!

I got my hands of a few snow glory bulbs a couple years ago but these lighter colored ones were here before I moved in.

And daffodils:

And blooms on the forsythia are coming in solidly for the first time since I moved into this house three years ago – it was hugely overgrown and thus not producing blooms at that time.  It took a hard pruning and a year of recovery to get it somewhat back on track.  I’m still not 100% convinced this shrub gets to stay – it’s actually planted a bit too close to the foundation of our house, but it looks like this is the year it’s ultimate fate may get decided.

Plus I’m excited that our handyman came over and tilled up our garden area for us:

I had planted some winter rye there last year as a cover crop.  It got tilled into the soil mix.  Winter rye releases chemicals when it’s tilled in that inhibit seed growth – great for controlling weeds!  This is a perfect alternative to synthetic chemicals that do the same thing.  Because of this though, we have to wait at least two weeks before we plant any seeds we actually want to grow.

Outside I also started some lettuce and spinach in containers.

I thought I was behind in my seed starting, but since I’m not starting tomatoes and peppers and other warm season crops from seed inside this year, I wasn’t as far behind as I though (That’s a whole other post, but basically our seed starting area isn’t warm enough at this time to get healthy, strong seedlings going, as we unfortunately discovered last year.  We need to make some changes we didn’t have time for this year before we’ll be able to start many warm season crops from seed down there).

I started three types of companion flowering plants:  four o’clocks, nasturtium (not too many, they don’t transplant well), and French marigolds.

My friend Alicia over at Culinary Bliss suggested that on top of the dryer is the best place for seeds to start their germination since many seeds need warmth rather than light to germinate.  So I’m trying that this year.  Seeds will get moved to our anti-cat light box once they start to germinate.

Board over the top of the seeds to keep curious Magoos at bay (or at least create a lot of noise should she decide this looks like fun).

Don’t forget to label your seeds!

So that’s about it for us right now.  Tell me dear readers, what’s going on in your gardens these days?

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