To Gift or Not to Gift?

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Like it or not gifts can be the focus of the holidays.  Although the act of giving is important, I consider giving from the heart to be even more important.  Here are some ideas on how to deal with gift giving during the holiday season:

Cut your list.  My husband and I have reduced our list significantly – we view time spent with friends and family as a bigger gift.  The gift of time spent together is exponentially more important than physical gifts we may receive.  Think about what’s really important to you – and not what others think.

Consider combining resources to get one “bigger” gift.  (We will often team up with our siblings to do this for our parents).

Wrap presents as you buy them.  Consider using post-it notes to indicate when you’re planning to give the gift so you don’t accidentally forget.

Think about giving experiences rather than stuff.  Examples:  theater tickets, movie tickets, gift certificate for dinner (for a restaurant or a home cooked meal!), magazine subscriptions, zoo memberships, children’s museum memberships, short-term cleaning services, short-term organizing services (contact me for gift certificate information!!), gift certificates for chauffeur services (especially good for elderly persons who may not be able to get around as easily anymore) – the list is endless and these are gifts people can in some cases use over and over.

Spend time, not money.  Some ideas:  1) Have a family camp out by the Christmas tree. 2) Have a sing-a-long. 3) Do an after-hours holiday light tour with your special someone – or bring the kids too! Even more fun if you go in your jammies!  4) Have a candlelight dinner for the whole family.  5) Borrow holiday books or movies from your local library.

How are you keeping your gift giving simple and from the heart this year?
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