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We’re making some changes…

The Project Professional is changing its name to Synergy Organizing to more accurately reflect our services.

Change Happens.  Do you remember the old saying, “What’s the one thing you can always count on to stay the same?  That every thing’s changing all the time!”  The longer I’m a professional organizer, the more I realize this is true.   If we’re not changing, we’re not learning and growing.  Very few of us want everything in our lives to remain the same; if we stay the same, we stagnate.  Change is what keeps the world interesting.

Our business has seen a lot of changes over the last two and a half years, and they’ve all been made in an effort to allow the business to provide better service to you our customers.  At this time nothing about our services or prices is changing, just our name.  But keep an eye out, we’ll be revealing some new services and specialties later this year!

For a list of our services click the links below:

Organize the Inside
Organize the Outside

Professional Organizer and Coach at Synergy Organizing, LLC

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