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The last couple weeks have been a small bit of torture for me.  Cabin fever was setting in thick, and not a moment too soon the weather got warmer.  Now I don’t know if this is just a Midwesterner thing, but when the weather gets warm I get the itch to clean, clean, clean!

I’ll admit though, cleaning in general is one of my least favorite tasks.  This is just one of the reasons I consider it important to stay organized at our own house – it takes FAR less time to clean an organized home than it does a cluttered one.

So how do you tackle your spring cleaning?  I have a short-ish list that we go by at my house.  Now, I’ll admit, compared to my mom and my grandma’s standard of clean, my list is pretty lax (especially regarding the frequency of some tasks).  And as I consider all my lists to be, these are really only suggestions – what I thought was a good idea when I made the list – as far as I’m concerned all my lists are open to changes as the circumstances around me might change.

Here’s our cleaning list:

Every day

·      Clean up kitchen : load/unload dishwasher, wipe off stove, etc

Every Other Day

·      Clean litter boxes, sweep up litter in area
·      Trash out as needed

Every Week

·      Sweep floors
·      Vacuum carpets as needed
·      Clean toilet, sink area, mirror, floor
·      Cat hair remover brush on chairs and sofas
·      Spot clean kitchen floor as needed
·      Change out bath towels
·      Laundry
·      Scrub kitchen sink
·      Disinfect and wipe kitchen counters

Every 2 Weeks

·      Dust surfaces – book cases, tables, top of baseboard heating units
·      Wash bathroom floor
·      Clean shower/tub
·      Dump old kitty litter, WASH litter box, new litter
·      Wash sheets/comforter
·      Vacuum, including stairs as needed

Once a Month

·      Dust all upper surface – above door frames, wall hangings, window frames
·      Give the stove a thorough cleaning – remove and clean top of stove parts
·      Mop kitchen floor (more often if necessary)
·      Clean downstairs bathroom (more often if necessary)
·      Wash rugs by front/back doors
·      Flip mattress
·      Wash mattress cover
·      Clean inside of microwave
·      Clean out toaster oven
·      Wipe down small kitchen appliances
·      Take glass recycling to drop off
·      Take cans and bottles to Can Shed for recycling

Every 3-6 Months

  • Wash curtains, blinds
  • Clean off fan blades
  • Dust corners and where walls meet ceiling
  • Vacuum baseboards
  • Vacuum under furniture
  • Steam clean recliners
  • Shampoo carpet downstairs and other areas as needed
  • Wash windows
  • Wash light fixtures
  • Wash down inside and outside of fridge and freezer

I keep this list in my computer and print it off when I’m feeling motivated to do all of this cleaning (the week to week stuff we pretty much just keep in our heads and/or make a short list on our dry erase board).  I don’t usually try to get everything done in one day – that would be far too overwhelming for me.  Although I have done all-day-maniac cleaning sessions before, I recommend trying to spread these tasks out over about a week, I find I get much less irritated (both mentally and physically from any dust build up) by the time all is said and done.

I have also found that having a party is a great motivator for me to get around to some of the cleaning tasks I may have put off (plus it gives me a great reason to get the husband more involved in the clean up).  It’s true, sometimes when I feel our house needs a good cleaning, I just schedule a party and know that the cleaning will get at least mostly done before that.  ;p

When I lived with my parents, every person had a list of cleaning chores to be done each week and we would trade off who did what.  If you have children and want to get them involved with the cleaning, consider setting up a chore list with appropriate rewards and consequences (Make sure the rewards and consequences are known to your kids.  It’s a good idea to let your kids help you decide what the rewards are going to be too so they have more motivation to actually do the chores besides just trying to avoid the consequences).

If you have a really large, dusty job ahead of you, you may want to consider using a dust mask, especially if you have any allergy issues.  I have also found using a Neti Pot after dusty cleaning sessions to be incredibly helpful.

How do you handle your spring cleaning tasks?  Have you started yet?

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