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If you live in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo area, you may have found a bag much like this one on your front doorstep in the past few days:

This is a great opportunity to purge some of those items in your pantry that you may have bought (maybe you got a great deal or thought you’d try out that new recipe) that are now just sitting in the cupboard.  Please remember to only donate items that are not past their expiration date!  The thing I love the most about programs like this (besides the fact that they help others) is the fact that they come to your house to pick up the donation – you don’t have to get in your car and drive your donation anywhere.  Win-win.

So count this as a reminder to pull out some of those items in your pantry that are still good and donate them to an organization that will get them to those that need them!  Tomorrow’s the day for putting the bags out, no more procrastinating!

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