Organize your Kitchen Cupboards with Tupperware

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How do the insides of your kitchen cupboards look today?  If you have various sizes and shapes of plastic containers it might look something like this:
This is in fact my kitchen cupboard a few days ago.  It wasn’t overflowing too badly, but I was usually annoyed when putting clean containers away because the various pieces we had didn’t really fit together well and the space was not being used as efficiently as it could have been.
Tupperware to the rescue!  I eliminated (recycled or donated) all of our old containers with the exception of a couple of smaller containers that my husband uses all the time to take snacks to work.   They were replaced by a nesting set of Tupperware Keep Tabs 15 piece set for the middle shelf and Tupperware Clear Mates for the upper shelf (if the page doesn’t load correctly, Clear Mates can be found on pages 6-7).  The Clear Mates do not nest but do have ridges on the lids to make stacking stuff in the fridge much easier.  We also had a few more glasses and mugs than we really needed, so I removed some to give us a bit more space on the bottom shelf.
Another great product for organizing kitchen cupboards is Modular Mates.  Here’s a before and after picture:
Modular Mates are one of my favorite products for getting organized in the kitchen.  And even better, Modular Mates are 40% off during the first two weeks of January 2011.  Please contact me before January 14, 2011 to get in on this great savings opportunity!
No matter what plastic container product you choose to organized your cupboards, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
* Choose containers of the same shape (ie all squares, rectangles or circular, etc.  It is usually recommended to use containers of a squarish shape as you tend to lose a lot of your storage space with circular containers).
* Containers that nest together will save you lots of space – the middle shelf in the “after” picture above holds 30 individual containers without looking cluttered at all
* Keep your lids separate from the containers.  Putting all the lids in one of the bigger containers is what has worked best for me.  You can easily pull out the container with the lids and find the one you are looking for.
Do you need help getting organized?  As always, please feel free to contact me to get started on your organizing project!

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