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I’ve mentioned the wonderfulness of Modular Mates from Tupperware for organizing before, but I only owned a few of them myself before this week.  Tuesday night I was lucky enough to travel to a Tupperware Rally with one of my up line team members who happened to have a large set of Modular Mates she had earned at a super cheap price and was willing to sell them to me.  Today was the day I installed them!

I do a fair amount of our shopping at a country grocery store that sells stuff in more of a bulk packaging style – in plastic bags and priced by weight.  I’ve always loved this store, but I hate storing food in those plastic bags.

At our house we’re very concerned about chemicals in our food and other products we put in and on our bodies.  Plastics are of major concern to us, especially when I learned that certain kinds of plastics degrade faster than others and certain kinds (especially the thinner plastics like are used for bags) off gas and can affect the quality of whatever they are holding.  (Side note factoid:  many times the expiration dates on plastic bottles of stuff, like medicines, shampoos, and other foods are based on when the plastic starts to off-gas and contaminate the product rather than the product going bad on its own accord).

One of the reasons I am a Tupperware consultant and dealer is because this is a company that cares about the quality of the plastics they use and the affect they have on consumers and the environment.  For more information about Tupperware sustainability and specific information about the types of plastic they use in their products click here.

So for my project today, I emptied the lower two drawers of our pantry:

This really is the best pantry I’ve ever had – the drawers pull out for easy access (bless the person who thought to install this cabinet system!):

So when I gathered all our bulk stuff still in plastic bags, my dining room counter started to look a little scary:

But it didn’t take too long to get everything back under control.

On the left, I am still using some of the sealing glass containers we had been using previously.  These are really nice containers, and at this point I’m more concerned about getting products out of the plastics bags and into less dangerous (read: off-gassing) containers than for everything I own to be Tupperware.  I’m also a big fan of using what you have on hand – we use plenty of other reused glass containers for some of our other bulk purchases, like nuts.

The small purple bowls you see to the right are part of the Wonder Bowl set that is not currently for sale but is similar to the Wonderlier line.  I don’t normally recommend round containers – square or rectangular containers give you the most storage space – but I got these to supplement my demo set for next to nothing (and I liked the colors!) so I figured I might as well use them!

Although the Modular Mates are clear on the sides, there may be some instances where you want to label them.

For example, because I’m putting my Modular Mates on lower shelves, we’ll be looking down on the lids when we pull the drawers open – therefore it’s faster for me to label the tops of the lids rather than pulling everything out to look at the sides.

I’m eagerly waiting for my new shipment of Label Once Erasable Labels, a fantastic reusable labeling solution, to arrive to finish off this process.  Until they arrive, I’ve taped the original grocery label to the lid to avoid confusion.

My mom does a similar thing.  My parents are both following a more strict diet since my dad had a heart attack last year, so they want access to the nutrition panel information for portion control.  My mom tapes the nutrition label to the top of the lid.

Another situation you may want to label your Modular Mates would be if you buy two different products that look similar.  For example, we have Great Northern Beans, but we also have cannellini beans – pretty hard for most people to tell those two apart just by looking.

Although I still have more drawers in this pantry to sort out as I’m doing my organizing maintenance (about half done so far, remember, break your organizing activities down into smaller portions, say one or two drawers per day, to make it seem less overwhelming) I’m happy with the addition of my new Modular Mates.

Are you a Tupperware lover too?  Please tell me about how Tupperware has helped you get more organized in the kitchen!

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