Living Intentionally – Part 1

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How did this get to be like this?  How did all this stuff get here?  These are two of the questions I always ask my new clients.  Responses are different – I inherited a bunch of stuff; I don’t know – I think a lot of it is gifts we never used; I was too busy working to keep up with all the stuff I was buying; I got great deals on all this stuff; I never learned how to organize stuff so I’m not sure what to do now; we moved to this smaller house and never unpacked.

Not everyone who is currently disorganized is wading through mountains and mountains of stuff as is so often what is portrayed on tv these days – the most extreme cases.  Most of what I see is people who have had some amount of order in their homes for at least a good portion of their lives, but now they are situationally disorganized (usually as a result of a transition) and they need a little help getting back on track.  Some examples would include having a baby, getting married, getting divorced, a loved one passing away, experiencing an injury or illness, or anything else that causes a big change in our lives.

My job is all about change.  As the saying goes, what’s the one thing you can always count on to stay the same?  That everything is changing all the time.  This is absolutely true, and the tighter we try to hold onto the past and what things used to be like, the more we resist going into the future, or even more importantly, we resist being here in the present – our minds are always racing off to the future or the past and we never fully experience the present moment.  But what if we were living intentionally, setting a purpose for our home and each part in it?

Stay tuned for part two on living intentionally…..

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