How Do You Deal With Your Clutter?

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I attended a women’s networking lunch last week. Each time these ladies get together, they go around the room and introduce themselves plus answer a topical question of the day. Lucky me! The question last week was: How do you deal with your decluttering projects? What tips or tricks do you have?

Of course I was excited to hear so many women discussing organizing! Here are some of my favorite responses:
  • Deal with only one box/drawer/cupboard per day/session.
  • Remember: just because you getting rid of a sentimental item, it doesn’t mean that you’re throwing out the person or their memory.
  • Taking your donate boxes out to the car and then driving them around for a few weeks isn’t really decluttering.
  • If you haven’t worn it in the last year, it’s time for it to go.
  • If the boxes haven’t been opened since you moved to your house in 1978, you probably don’t need any of the stuff inside of them!
  • Photograph your sentimental items before getting rid of them.
  • Simply moving the clutter to another part of your house isn’t really helpful for the long run.
  • Make specific time in your schedule when you’re going to drop off your donations.
  • Get the whole family involved.
  • Hire a professional:  it may not be as expensive as you think.  Most professional organizers will give you the level of support you need:  you may just need a kick start or you may need help with you whole project – professional organizers will work to accommodate your needs.  
Do you have specific questions about your own organizing project?  Contact me today to get yourself started on the road to organization!
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