Going with the Flow in Work and Life

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If you’re a small business owner like me, you may experience ups and downs in the streams of work that flow into the business.  Over the last three years, this has definitely been the trend for me – sometimes I’m so busy I’m booked out weeks in advance, and sometimes I don’t have anything scheduled at all.  I know it’s similar for other small business owners.

I used to worry and fret about not having work – when will my next client call me?  When will I be able to work more hours?  I was so caught up in the do, do, doing that I didn’t appreciate the down time I did have and find a creative way to use it.  But I’ve adjusted to the fact that many times when the work dries up it means that it’s time for me to pay attention to my own clutter or my own changes that need to happen.  There have been many instances where the work wasn’t coming in, so I would dive into a organizing maintenance task or finally tackle that pile of clutter that managed to rear its head in my own home, and sure enough, the phone would start ringing again.

This week I’m thankful to have the time and space to complete phase one of a fairly large painting project that I’d like to finish before the end of the winter.  Monday and Tuesday I transformed our scary little powder room in the basement into a real room – one that feels pleasant to be in, rather than making me feel like I want to run away.  We know that bathroom had not had any attention paid to it since at least two owners back – at least twelve years.  The wallpaper was worn and tattered and was adorned with crayon drawings from a young child.  Earlier in the year we had a ritual facilitator, Jai Westgard owner of Symbolic Stone Journey, perform a space clearing ceremony at our home, and this was one area of the home she highly recommended giving some TLC, especially since this room was located in the wealth bagua of our basement.

Today I’m jumping in and painting the wall that’s going to be the accent wall in our living room a muted purple.  Purple is my favorite color but isn’t always the best color to paint a whole room.  Once the accent wall is finished we’ll be better able to decide which shade of brown the rest of the living room will be.  (Hint:  if you’re selecting paint colors and doing the work yourself, I highly recommend going SLOW with this process – really look at the paint colors in all the different lights/times of day of the room.  When you buy the paint, buy a small can first and do a patch test, and start with a lighter shade – the store can always make your paint darker, but going lighter is much more difficult.  I’ve made the mistake before of choosing the wrong color and being stuck with a huge can that I didn’t want to use, and it’s certainly more expensive (and time consuming to start over) to make this mistake.  Go slow for results you’ll love.)

I’m really excited to watch the transformation that just a little bit of paint can make – it’s like we’re finally owning the home we’ve been living in for several years rather than living with what the previous owners had done.

So what’s my point here?  If you’re a person who gets down time with your work, be grateful for that time and find a project you’ve been putting off to fill the time.  Ask yourself, what am I meant to do with this down time?  Your clients will be back soon!

Holistic Professional Organizer and Coach at Synergy Organizing, LLC

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