Garage Decluttering and a Trip to the ReStore

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This week, one of the projects I’ve been helping a client tackle is sorting out his garage in preparation for selling his home and his move.  We worked on decluttering the inside of the home awhile back, but this week we tackled the garage.  This client has a large assortment of hobbies and interests ranging from sports, construction, carpentry, painting, remote control cars, and others – and his garage had become a catch-all for supplies.  He anticipates moving into a smaller space when his home sells, so we started sorting out what stays and what goes in the garage this week.

During this process we found a number of items he’d been looking for since about the time he moved into this home about three years ago, including a piece of a router drill set he’d been looking for for longer than he could remember.

Another part of the project he was extremely happy to tackle was the tool box.  Here’s the before:

He hadn’t been able to close the box in years.  In addition, the keys to the top and bottom portions of the box had been missing for as long as he could remember living in this house.  We discovered the keys in another tote in the garage, and after a short sorting session, the tool box can close and lock for the first time in years.

After our first session this week, we hauled a truck load of items to Goodwill.  After the second session we hauled a fair amount of electronics and cords to Goodwill (check out their electronic recycling program!) as well as lumber and other miscellaneous construction items and tools to the ReStore.

We’ve still got a little ways to go on getting the rest of the garage sorted and ready, but we’ve made huge progress already.  Remember, in order to move a mountain, you have to start by taking away just one pebble – of course you have to keep going too, but sometimes just getting started is the biggest obstacle.

Decluttering and purging before a move will save you time and money in the long run.  You won’t be paying the movers for their extra time and effort to move stuff you don’t really use.  You’ll have less stuff to unpack and organize after you move.  Please contact us today if you need help with your relocation efforts!


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