Falling Behind on the Best Laid Plans

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Even those of us who are fairly organized can fall behind on the best laid plans.  Here it is, nearly the end of May and I have yet to actually plant anything in my own garden.  I was so excited when the weather turned warmer the end of March – we got our garden plot tilled and ready to go!

However, considering the very strange weather we’ve been having here in Iowa, and the fact that I’ve been spending far more time in other people’s gardens between my paid work and my volunteer hours with the Johnson County Master Gardeners, it just hasn’t worked out for me to spend much time at all in my own garden.

I was feeling a little deflated about this – I hadn’t even gotten to planting my cool weather crops, and here it is, almost summer.  I did feel a little better when I realized that several nights this week we’ve actually gotten light frost – I’d much rather be waiting to get those tomatoes and peppers into the ground than worrying about covering them every night to protect them from frost!

How does this apply to organizing?  During the organizing process you may run into hurdles, life events may set you back.  If this happens to you, don’t beat yourself up.  Step back and look at how far you’ve come already.  This is one of the reasons it’s a great idea to take “before” photos.  When I feel discouraged about our yard not looking the way I imagine it in my dreams, I only have to look at the photos from when I first moved in here to remember just how much progress we’ve already made – the same applies to your organizing projects.

Next, reaffirm your intention to move forward and see if your plans need some tweaking to make your goal more realistic to attain.  It’s okay to change the game plan as you go along if you need to.

What projects are you working on that seem to have come to a stalemate?  How are you working through your slumps?


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