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I am so excited to have recently purchased a new bike!  Some of you may know that I love cycling and went on my first RAGBRAI in 2007 – I was 30 at the time and I had been dreaming of riding this event since I was 15.


My cycling team (Team Thirsty Turtles) has gotten more fancy now, and we even have our own jerseys (we’re pretty easy to spot in these babies, and we’re really friendly, so if you see us and want to say hi or join us for a beer, you’re probably in luck):


And we’ve grown significantly in size:


But one thing has remained the same, our awesome mechanics.  One of our guys in particular, Jeremy, has been helping Turtles (and others) with their bike issues for years.  If you have a problem with your bike, he’s the man to talk to.  This is a familiar scene for the Turtles on RAGBRAI:

Yesterday I took my new bike over to their place and Jeremy tweaked a few things on my bike – swapping out equipment basically.  Jeremy recently got a new tool bag and organizer for his screws, bolts, nuts and other small parts (he’d previously been carrying around all his tools and some parts in a five-gallon bucket).  I was so impressed by the labeling that I decided to feature it in this week’s blog post:

Even bike mechanics need a little organization in their lives!  Of course it’s not terribly surprising that Jeremy is so organized – his wife, and fellow Turtle, Darian, is one of the most organized people I know (she’s the organizer of the Turtle finances, amongst other things, and she’s always right on target).

Are any of you readers cyclists?  What kind of organization do you do for your team?  Do you have team rides or meetings?  If you take a large team on RAGBRAI, I’ve love to hear more about how you organize your team before, during and after the event!

A big thank you goes out to Jeremy, Darian and all the Turtles – can’t wait to see you on the road this year!

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