Embracing the Changes the Seasons Bring

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If you’re lucky like me, you live somewhere that you get the experience the amazing beauty of all four seasons.  Ok, I suppose that’s not totally fair.  There are of course some really awesome places in the world where the weather doesn’t change significantly from season to season (and it’s an amazing treat to take a trip in the dead of a frigid winter to a warmer climate!), but I guess I just prefer to embrace the bitter cold along with the humid heat and enjoy the changes that each season brings.

Although this year in Iowa, I can hardly believe Christmas is this week – we’ve yet to have any significant amount of snow or super cold temperatures in my part of the state.  Somehow, I’m sure we’ll get snow at some point, I certainly hope we do, I’d like to get some cross country skiing and snowshoeing in this year!

As we get ready to roll into the depths of winter, tomorrow being the shortest day of the year, many people find themselves spending ever-more time indoors.  Some people find themselves watching more tv or reading, and many people I’ve known are susceptible to falling into a murky shadow of sorts, longing for spring and complaining about every snowflake that falls.  I like to embrace the rhythm of the cold in some ways like a bear would – it’s time to slow down, to go inside and ponder what I’m looking for and want to achieve in the coming year.  I’m not in full-on hibernation obviously, but we humans could take a few more lessons from nature in this regard.  We don’t have to go, go, go and do, do, do all the time.  In fact, when you take some time to just be, be, be, you may find, as I did, that you actually are able to get more done.  It’s truly amazing that by doing less you actually can accomplish more, the key is FOCUS (and knowing what’s actually important for you to focus on).

How do your rhythms and patterns change when winter hits?


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