Becoming Less and Less Attached to Stuff

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The longer I’m a professional organizer, the less attached to my own stuff I’m getting.  At the end of last month I had the privilege of being asked to participate in a Jazz I Alumni Band.  My high school band director is a great and inspiring man, and in honor of his retirement, the alumni band was formed (in secret!) and performed at the high school’s annual talent show.  

As I was preparing for this reunion I went searching for some old photographs.  I dug through our basement storage area, and of course the box I was looking for was in the back.  As most of our bins are clear, I noticed as I was pulling out the front bins that there was quite a bit of stuff in there that I really didn’t care about hanging onto anymore.  I left these bins out as a reminder that I needed to sort through them again.

I don’t actually consider this too bad, but as we had just recently pulled out our window AC units that usually get stored here in the winter months, things had gotten a bit discombobulated and it was time for a little organizing maintenance.  (Plus my mom had brought two more of bins of stuff (not pictured) she had kept for me over the years that needed to be sorted and dealt with.)

I was also excited to use the new Label Once Erasable large labels I had recently purchased for this occasion.  While looking for said photographs, I also noticed that although I had labeled everything, the labels I had used before were really too small to list everything as I wanted to.  Time to rectify that!

About two hours later I had a huge contractors bag of stuff to throw away (unfortunately some of my old dolls and other items were not even in good enough condition to donate), even more stuff to be recycled (I had no idea my mom had saved every report card, every little art project I ever did, and tons of other school stuff I had long ago forgotten), and a literal truck load of stuff to get donated.

So much more space and so much better labeling:

The space to the left on the shelves is where we store our AC units when not in use, so we try to keep this area clear even when we are using the AC units.

Be sure to put your labels on the side of the container you will see most easily!

Next mission: containerize the work bench area!

What areas of your house need a little organizing maintenance?  How are you working towards realizing your organizing goals?


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