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As I’m preparing for a long-overdue vacation that starts tomorrow, I’m again thinking about my email and my digital sabbatical.  I had a meeting with one of my business coaches yesterday, and she really helped me understand why this time away from the internet and input in general is so important for me in particular – information gathering is one of my core strengths.  It’s true, I’m an information junkie.  I love reading – books, internet articles, email; I love listening – mp3 recordings, music, other internet recordings, to people; I love watching – tv, youtube, other internet videos.  In fact if I could figure out a way to learn stuff in my sleep I certainly would be doing that too.  ;p

I just love information, and most of the time it seems, the more the better!  But I’ve found myself a number of times getting overloaded, and the last several weeks have been no exception.  One of my biggest challenges as of late has been with email.  But really, how many different news alerts, Google alerts, social media notifications, or other non-person-to-person emails do I really need to stay in touch with the world?  How much of that information is really important to my everyday life?  The next three weeks will be a true test.  Over the last week I’ve been slowly unsubscribing from all my alerts and other non-personal emails.  I was delighted when I got up this morning and saw that there were only seven messages in my inbox.  Whew!  It hasn’t been that slim in a long time.  I unsubbed from my final news alerts and finally decided it was ok for me not to know who new was following me on Twitter for the next few weeks.  I’ll be interested to see how my email diet feels to me once I get back from my journey.

Have you ever taken a digital sabbatical?  What did you learn?  What did you like or not like?

See you in a few weeks!


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