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My home is fairly organized. I spent a lot of time last winter searching thru every closet, every cupboard, every drawer – almost every inch of the house it seemed – reorganizing everything. But that doesn’t mean I’m done.

What many people don’t realize is that being organized is a continually ongoing process. In fact, you must be diligent in your efforts to remain organized.

This doesn’t have to be overwhelming. For example, today while waiting for my lunch to heat up, I noticed that the pen cup I use had started to overflow – this is one area I have to keep up with. Why? I absolutely love to collect pens – all different colors and sizes, even better if they light up! In fact I have to admit that I used to have an issue with hoarding pens. Last winter while organizing my own home, I found that I had multiple shoe-sized boxes full of pens – a good number of which did not work.

Today I pulled out every single pen in my cup and made sure it still worked – if no ink came out, I tossed it. I was surprised to find that I tossed about 20% of the pens. This task took less than five minutes, but it’s tasks like these you can easily fit into your busy schedule (maybe while your lunch is heating up?) that are important to maintaining your new organized life.

Please post what five minute or less tasks do you do around your house to help you stay organized in the comments sections below. I look forward to hearing about your own endeavors to stay organized!


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