Sentimental Items – Remembering, Honoring and Letting Go

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Since my family helped my grandparents move into a retirement community, my mom has been on a mission to reduce clutter in her own home.  For me this has meant taking responsibility for the stuff that was mine and getting it out of their basement (this year started out with five bins left at their house, I believe I’m down to only one left?  Maybe two).
The most recent box I brought home was filled with my old dolls (I think the fact that we had watched Toy Story 3 together over Thanksgiving had something to do with it!).  Just in case you were wondering where I got some of my organizing skills from, one of the answers is:  My Mom.  She’s always been one of the most organized people I know.  How many times did I hear as a kid, “Put that back where it belongs!” (Because everything had a home!).  So like any organizing genius, my mom had separated my sister’s and my stuff with color-coded translucent bins.  Purple for me, orange for my sister.
Plus she had attached a sheet of paper with the contents to the outside of the bin (making good use of the old company paper left over after their business was sold and my parents retired).
I have to admit I had forgotten about many of these items and was really excited to see what my mom had saved!
As I really don’t have any use for these dolls anymore (my husband and I do not have kids), I’ve decided to donate them to a worthy charity, but some of these dolls are really tugging at my heart strings. 
We are so lucky to live in the digital age where we can create ways to remember our physical items in a digital format.  I spent some time taking photographs of all my dolls.  After I’m 100% sure I’m satisfied with all of my shots I’ll be ready to move on and make the donation.  Here are some samples of my photos:
Tender Heart:

Holly Hobby:
Mr. Cat:
Plus, my mom knitted a whole bunch of clothes for my Cabbage Patch Kid:
 It’s been a great trip down memory lane.  But like the toys in Toy Story 3, they deserve to be played with by some fun-havin’ kid rather than sit in storage somewhere.   I’m looking forward to the space that will be freed up in my own home after donating these toys.
The Project Professional offers professional grade photography services for all your organizing needs.  Images could easily be made into prints or even an artistic collage combining elements of your item/s with photo prints (old and new!) that can be neatly displayed in your home to honor and remember your sentimental items without taking up all the space of the item itself.  We would be happy to help you with this process.
Whether you have sentimental items like I did, are doing a home inventory, or need high-quality photos for appraisal purposes please contact us today to learn more about our photography services!

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