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For the last several years I have enjoyed making and storing lots of homemade foods.  “Freezer meals” is a commonly uttered phrase around our house.  The one problem I kept encountering was how to label all these foods.  I tried paper stick-on labels that you hand write (which always made a mess when you tried to remove them or smeared/disintegrated if they got wet), I tried various types of tape (masking, duct – same mess problem, plus writing often faded), I tried writing directly on canning lids (inconvenient if viewing canned foods from the front), I even thought about buying a label maker.  None of these methods was really doing it for me, and on the recommendation of another Professional Organizer in town, I decided against the idea of shelling out a whole lot of money for a label maker, knowing that after my initial love affair with the label maker, I would then become a slave to buying refill tape, special ink, etc.
Luckily once day while surfing I came across Erasable Food Labels Starter Kit, 70 labels.  I ordered them and couldn’t wait to try them.  “Erasable Food Labels are designed to hold up under extreme conditions without deteriorating! It’s as if the label was built-in to the container. Works on smooth plastics, glass, and stainless steel. Not suitable for use on stove top or in conventional ovens…. Erasable labels are microwave, freezer, & dishwasher safe! Labels allow permanent marker to be erased as often as needed. Erase quickly and cleanly. No more mark outs, peel-offs, or label layers! Works great with any color permanent marker.”

About a month ago my package arrived and I eagerly got started labeling, well, everything!

I like to label even clear containers in the fridge – it eliminates guessing and words are easier for my brain to comprehend than what I might see through the glass or Tupperware containers.

Even though these Tupperware modular mates are clear on the bottom, where they are stored in my pantry I look down on them, so labeling the top is a better solution in our house.

We buy a fair amount of nuts, seeds, beans, and other goodies from the bulk sections of our favorite grocery stores, most of which gets stored in some type of  reused glass or plastic container.

And sometimes our dear friends share their tasty goodies with us in reused glass jars (we love this!).

I also make (or mix or dilute) a lot of my own face and body care products.  Labeling was a real problem prior to my discovery of this labeling system due to the bottles’ near-constant exposure to water.  Label Once has been an excellent solution to that problem.

Overall I give this system 5 out of 5 stars.  I love these labels so much that I have decided to promote them on my website.  (No, I am not being paid to promote this product – any products I endorse on my blog you can be sure I have used them myself and have had great results!).  Check it out for even more labeling solutions from Label Once.

Have you used this product?  If you have, please leave any comments you have about it below – or have you found a labeling solution that works just as well for you?  I’m always looking for new information about organizing products!  Leave your comment below! 


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