How Much is Your Time Worth To You?

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“The Wall Street Journal reports that the average American business person loses six weeks a year searching for lost or misplaced articles from messy desks and files.” -Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

Six weeks? This means the average business person spends about 11% of his or her time looking for lost items. That translates into a $2,600 loss for every $10 per hour employee per year. Is this an expense your business can afford?

How much time do you spend at home looking for lost or misplaced items? Even if you only spend 15 minutes per day looking for your items, that’s a total of 104 hours per year you spend unproductively. Multiply that 104 hours by your hourly pay rate and you will get a glimpse at the monetary cost of being disorganized.

How much is your time worth to you? The value of hiring a professional organizer becomes evident when looking at these numbers. Drop the Project Professional an email today to find out how we can help you with your organizational needs.


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