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A couple weeks ago, I headed down to St. Joseph, MO. The time had come for my grandparents to move from the high-maintenance, 40-acre farm they had lived on for 53 years to a smaller, more manageable space. My mom and her sister and brother helped with the the actual move the week before the rest of the family showed up. The task after the move was complete was getting everything they didn’t take with them ready for their farm auction.

The heat was high and the to-do list was long, but every day another family member or two would show up to help. All the Headrick kids and grandkids eventually made their way to the old farm, and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.

We found some great treasures along the way.

The sale was a success. My grandparents made a few bucks to put towards their new living space and old items found new homes.

Thanks to a major family group effort, we were able to get my grandparents into a home that better fits their lifestyle, and we got to make some great memories in the process. This is the first time all the cousins have been together in eleven years.

To view the complete Headrick Farm Auction photo set on Flickr, click here.

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