Have you Mailed Your Christmas Presents Yet???

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A friend of mine told me her tale of woe yesterday as she had to stand in line at the main post office for more than 20 minutes.  I have waited in line at the post office for more than 45 minutes once (and that wasn’t even during the holidays), and it was after that time I vowed “never again”.   So what other choices do you have?
I just returned from my local grocery store where I mailed all of our out-of-town Christmas presents.  At least in my part of the country, one of our grocery chains (HyVee) has a full-service post office set up in the customer service area.  I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes in line ever when mailing items there – today there was no line.  Another bonus is if you have multiple items and can’t carry them all at once there are handy grocery carts to help you out!
Another option is to check out the U.S. Postal Service online.  You can plan a shipment, order your supplies (delivered right to your door!), print postage, and even schedule a pick-up from your own house or office.  Ta-da!  No lines ever with this method!  This does require some pre-planning though, and time is running out as far as getting stuff in the mail in time for it to be received by Christmas.  So if you haven’t started thinking about this, now is the time.
How is your holiday shopping and mailing going?  I’d love to hear any other no-waiting-in-line mailing options you all have come across!

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