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It’s true, I read blogs.  In fact I read a lot of blogs.  Thank goodness for Google Reader or I’d never be able to keep them all straight (I have also found Evernote extremely helpful for archiving the articles I know I want to read again).  

Today I thought I’d share with you five of my favorite blog entries I’ve come across this week and hope they give you some motivation for your own organizing projects – whether you’re just starting to get organized or continuing with your organizing maintenance.

Do You Save All Your Christmas Cards?  Some great tips on how to recycle or reuse all those Holiday cards you may receive.

Common Organizing Challenges  “Self-Talk can be our best friend or most vicious enemy.”  Professional Organizer and blogger Linda Samuels talks about some of the biggest challenges in getting organized she’s collected from her readers.

Holiday Decorations Made with Food.  Some great ideas on using food as decoration.


Tipping the Power Balance.  “Now that you’re an adult, YOU are the boss of you — and that means you’re the boss of all your stuff, too. So who’s winning? You or your stuff? Who has the upper hand?” 
Three Ways to Declutter, Donate and Do Something Good.  Getting organized has the side benefit of allowing others to use items that you no longer want or need.  Here are some great tips for getting rid of sports stuff, magazines, furniture and housewares from Professional Organizer Deb Lee

I hope you find these articles inspiring or motivating.  
Till next week, 


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